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Boeing to Produce Final Block I Chinook Helicopters for South Korea, Spain

Boeing has received a $793-million US foreign military sale contract to produce the final Block I CH-47F Chinook helicopters for South Korea and Spain.

Under the agreement, the company will manufacture 18 aircraft for South Korea and one for the Spanish government.

Deliveries of the helicopters are expected to be completed by 2027.

“The CH-47F Block I Chinook continues to be the preeminent heavy-lift helicopter in the world for good reason,” Boeing Vertical Lift Program Manager and Vice President Heather McBryan stated.

“While this concludes Block I orders as we continue our modernization efforts, we’ll continue supporting our customers’ aircraft as they play a vital role for years to come.”

Next Block a ‘Natural Successor’

Work for Boeing’s international CH-47F Block II fleet is underway. This batch incorporates reinforced airframes, increased range and lift, an improved drivetrain, and redesigned fuel tanks.

Currently, Boeing’s Chinook program is engaged with a six-helicopter contract for the US Army, 36 with the US Army Special Operations Command, and 14 with the British government.

CH-47F Block II Chinook helicopter
A CH-47F Block II Chinook helicopter demonstrating its heavy-lift capability. Photo: Boeing

“The Block II program is the natural successor to an already exceptional aircraft,” McBryan said.

“It will provide the US Army and international allies even more capabilities in a complex and evolving battlefield.”

Sustaining Modernized Helicopters

Despite having a few system differences, Boeing assured that both Block I and II CH-47Fs have advanced capabilities and can interoperate in heavy-lift airspace.

“South Korea adds to a growing list of operators around the globe that recognize the value the modernized CH-47F Chinook brings to the table,” Boeing Global Business Development Vice President Vince Logsdon stated.

“While Spain is already reaping the benefits of the aircraft in Europe, we are honored to support South Korea’s heavy-lift helicopter modernization with a versatile product capable of meeting the demanding mission requirements in Asia Pacific.”

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