British Army Begins Shift to All-Electric Military Vehicles

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) is continuing its efforts to develop and deploy an all-electric fleet of military vehicles.

Babcock International announced last week that it has been awarded a contract to re-engineer four British Army Land Rovers and integrate an electric propulsion system.

The effort will help the service better understand the potential operational constraints of electric vehicles.

The company said it will utilize a drop-in kit and a modified battery system to convert the diesel-powered vehicles to all-electric.

It will partner with British technology firm Electrogenic on the program.

According to Babcock managing director Chris Spicer, the partnership will help the ministry prepare its planned shift to electric vehicles beginning in 2030.

It will also help the UK “in reaching its goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050.”

Alternative Engine Technology

The initiative to re-engineer military vehicles is a great opportunity to study and explore alternative engine technologies for the British Army, said Spicer.

It would also enable the service to extend the life of its Land Rovers as diesel becomes obsolete.

MoD official Bryan Munce said the program will closely look at the vehicles’ mobility, exportable power, signature, and cost reduction once converted to all-electric.

“In understanding what could enable our forces, it also informs MoD of potential threats to be cognizant of, to enhance our strategic approach,” he stated.

The Land Rovers will undergo a series of trials involving experimental battlefield scenarios to assess their performance over steep terrain and in adverse weather conditions.

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