Northrop, Global Ordnance Vie for $522M US Army 155mm Ammo Contract

Northrop Grumman and Global Ordnance have been selected to compete for the US Army’s 155-millimeter ammunition contract worth $522.3 million.

The Army Contracting Command received two bids after soliciting via the internet.

Work for the contract has yet to be announced, but the service expects completion by January 2027.

Northrop Grumman is a known manufacturer of smart, GPS-guided 155mm artillery projectiles.

Its competitor, Global Ordnance, also manufactures 155mm ammunition for NORA B-52 M21 self-propelled howitzers.

Increase in Ammo Production

The acquisition of 155mm ammunition comes after the US Department of Defense announced an increase in the country’s production of artillery shells by 500 percent.

From 14,000, the US will now produce 90,000 or more shells per month to replenish stockpiles sent to Ukraine.

It would also spend roughly $1 billion annually within five years to fund new facilities that can produce artillery ammunition.

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