Rheinmetall to Upgrade Norwegian NASAMS Sensors

Rheinmetall has clinched a Norwegian government contract to upgrade the country’s National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System (NASAMS) sensor.

The low double-digit million-euro contract seeks to replace the MSP (Multi-Sensor Platform) 500 sensor with the more powerful MSP 600 digital system beginning in the summer of 2025.

The MSP 500 is integrated with NASAMS batteries, enabling “detection, observation, and identification of objects and for target tracking and fire control,” even at night and in adverse weather.

Digital Sensor System

The MSP 600 digital system comprises a “stabilized sensor package with a thermal camera and daylight camera, a 6 Hz laser rangefinder, a video tracker as well as a vertical sensor and north sensor.”

The MSP 600 digital system is based on the MSP 600, a successor of the MSP500. 

The four-axis stabilized MSP 600 digital comprises an electro-optical sensor package, including a thermal imager for night vision, a laser rangefinder, and a high-resolution HD color daylight camera.

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