L3Harris Integrates Advanced Sight Systems on Lynx OMFV

L3Harris has integrated its new advanced battlefield awareness systems onto Rheinmetall’s Lynx Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV), increasing its lethality.

The digitally-engineered systems enable the next-generation armored fighting vehicle “to detect and engage battlefield threats faster and at greater distances while reducing crew members needed from three to two.”

L3Harris’ third-generation sights feature reduced size, weight, and power requirements that allow for early and enhanced threat identification.

“Crew members receive information faster as a result of more powerful processors and artificial intelligence capabilities,” the company said.

“L3Harris also provides secure, high-capacity communication systems and data links to improve command and control and collaborative targeting.”

In its October 10 statement, the American defense company said the digital engineering and modular open systems integrated into Lynx OMFVs met the US Army’s Ground Combat Systems Common Infrastructure Architecture requirements.

“[These systems] allow integration of new technologies and subsystems updates faster while lowering vehicle lifecycle costs,” L3Harris said.

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