Rheinmetall Unveils Brimstone Missile-Equipped Boxer Vehicle 

Rheinmetall BAE Systems Ltd (RBSL) has unveiled its Brimstone missile-equipped Boxer vehicle concept demonstrator for the British Army.

The Boxer Overwatch has been developed in collaboration with MBDA for the British Army’s Mounted Close Combat Overwatch (MCCO) capability requirement.

The MCCO is one of the four aspects of the army’s Battle Group Organic Anti-Armour project to enhance combat effectiveness through weapons modernization.

Overwatch Capability

The Boxer Overwatch provides “protection to maneuvering and advancing forces” or can “operate as a screening capability to disrupt advancing forces,” RBSL wrote.

According to RBSL, integration of the ground attack missile did not require modification to the vehicle chassis, allowing it to retain its mobility.

The Brimstone is compatible with multiple platforms, including land vehicles, helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, and naval platforms.

Boxer Overwatch module. Image: Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land

Addition of Brimstone

The missile’s non-line-of-sight capability means it does not need to be mounted on a turret to strike a target. 

The system features a salvo launch and all-weather fire-and-forget capability to simultaneously engage multiple targets at up to 20 kilometers (12.4 miles).

Moreover, the missile’s dual mode seeker allows it to engage a specific target “with low collateral damage in restrictive engagement scenarios,” the company claims.

RBSL managing director Colin McClean said the vehicle “highlights once again the benefits of Boxer modularity and the platform’s excellent digital architecture to enable multiple mission systems to be integrated. I am very much looking forward to delivering this capability at pace to British soldiers.”

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