Sweden to Give Military Training to Ukrainian Citizens in UK

The Swedish Armed Forces will send instructors to the UK to provide Ukrainian citizens with basic military training to serve in the Ukrainian armed forces. 

The training is part of a UK initiative with partner nations in the Joint Expeditionary Force and Canada to offer increased military instruction for Ukrainian soldiers in response to the continuing Russian invasion of the country.

Sweden will send up to 120 armed forces instructors to the UK between August 12 and December 31 to provide the military training, divided into several courses.

Strengthening Ukraine’s Defense Capabilities

“Russia’s war against Ukraine has been going on for over five months, and it’s immensely important that the rest of the world continues to support Ukraine in its fight for sovereignty and self-determination,” Swedish Minister for Defence Peter Hultqvist said.

“It’s important that Sweden is part of these efforts, and the Swedish instructors will contribute to strengthening Ukraine’s defence capabilities,” he added.

A total of 10,000 Ukrainians are expected to participate in the training program, with 60 Swedish Armed Forces instructors present in the UK simultaneously at any one time to prevent the disruption of other Swedish military activities.

The Scandinavian county’s contribution to the training program “will begin as soon as it is practically possible,” the nation said.

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