Canada to Provide Combat Training to Ukrainian Soldiers

The Canadian government announced on Thursday that it will send troops to train Ukrainian soldiers on how to effectively counter Russian aggression.

Canadian Defence Minister Anita Anand said that up to 225 Canadian Army personnel will be deployed in the UK to provide combat training to Kyiv’s forces.

The training will see Canadian troops collaborate with their counterparts from the UK, New Zealand, and the Netherlands in teaching Ukrainian soldiers over four months.

“Training missions like this, assisting our allies and our partners when they are under attack, is what we do,” Anand explained.

She further stated that Canada prioritizes supporting Ukraine amid increasing Russian attacks on key Ukrainian regions.

Committed to Supporting Ukraine

Canada decided to resend troops to train Ukrainian soldiers after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson proposed a training mission in his country.

In February, Ottawa suspended its previous training mission in Kyiv due to reports that Moscow would invade Ukraine.

Anand said that although her country paused the training, she made a commitment to resume the operations “whenever and wherever possible.”

“Canada is committed to supporting Ukraine’s short-, medium-, and long-term defense needs,” the minister said. “I am therefore announcing today that we are fulfilling our promise to resume large-scale training under Operation Unifier.”

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