France Receives First Batch of SERVAL Armored Vehicles

The French Ministry of Armed Forces has taken delivery of its first SERVAL light multi-role armored vehicles from local defense manufacturers Nexter and Texelis.

In a contract finalized last year, the country ordered 364 SERVAL vehicles, with 70 scheduled for delivery this year.

The vehicles will replace France’s aging Renault VAB (Véhicule de l’avant blindé) armored personnel carriers and support vehicles.

According to French defense minister Florence Parly, the delivery is a testament that the production is moving at a “steady” pace.

She further stated that the development of new military equipment is essential for the French military amid a “rapidly changing” strategic environment and as war has returned to the European continent.

The ministry is expected to order a total of 978 of the vehicles by 2030.

The SERVAL Armored Vehicle

Weighing 15 tons (13,607 kilograms/30,000 pounds), the SERVAL is a 4×4 armored vehicle dedicated primarily to light infantry units such as mountain troops and parachute regiments.

According to Nexter, the vehicle’s weight and size enable it to be deployed easily in external theaters of operations.

Two SERVALs can also fit in an A400M transport aircraft to support various missions.

The vehicle is equipped with a remotely operated turret, threat detectors, and a combat information system. It is available in three main versions: patrol, intelligence and reconnaissance, and communications relay.

Nexter is responsible for producing the vehicle, while Texelis is in charge of delivering the full vehicle driveline for integration.

The first batch of SERVAL armored vehicles delivered to France. Photo: Nexter

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