Boeing Demonstrates Ground-Based Anti-Jam SATCOM Capability

American aerospace firm Boeing has demonstrated its new Protected Tactical Enterprise Service (PTES) software with an industry partner’s user terminal.

The PTES software enables secure operations and protected tactical communications coverage for the satellite communications system of the US Space Force.

It reportedly mitigates interference and adversarial jamming of high-data-rate satellite communications in contested environments.

During the event, Boeing showcased the technical maturity of the PTES software, demonstrating its encryption capabilities in a virtual environment.

The integration validated the company’s key management system and network management software, which provide secure communication with the ground terminal.

“This incremental system demonstration provides valuable feedback from Space Force operators and other members of the user community, reducing development and integration risk, while ensuring system capabilities are adaptable to change,” Boeing vice president Troy Dawson stated in a press release.

He further remarked that the company is committed to fulfilling the mission of rapidly deploying technologies to meet “evolving threats on the battlefield.”

The PTES software is expected to reach initial operational capability by 2023.


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