Boeing Receives First US Navy P-8A Poseidon for Upgrades

The US Navy has delivered its first P-8A Poseidon aircraft to Boeing for Increment 3 Block 2 capabilities modifications.

The first modified aircraft is expected to be ready in January 2025 capable of locating, tracking, and striking even the most advanced submarines.

Block 2 Upgrades

The upgrades revolve around a new combat systems suite for the aircraft offering “improved computer processing and higher security architecture capability,” the US Navy said.

Other features include a “wide band satellite communication system, an ASW (anti-submarine warfare) signals intelligence capability, a track management system, and additional communications and acoustics systems to enhance search, detection and targeting capabilities.” 

Additionally, the aircraft will get an upgraded airframe and avionics systems, new airframe racks, radomes, antennas, sensors, and wiring. 

Multi-Mission Aircraft

The P-8A is a maritime surveillance aircraft with anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare capabilities.

Boeing received a $326 million contract in 2019 to develop, integrate, and test the Block 2 capabilities on the US and Australian P-8A fleet.

The Block 2 is the baseline configuration to address future threats upon which subsequent upgrades will be incorporated via a sequence of rapid capability insertion.

“P-8A Increment 3 is the next step in the spiral evolution of Poseidon. By design, and through the efforts of [the Naval Air Systems Command] and industry teaming, Increment 3 Block 2 represents the baseline configuration the Navy needs to address tomorrow’s high-end threat,” Rear Adm. Adam Kijek said.

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