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US Army Receives 10th Upgraded Spy Aircraft

The Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) has delivered its 10th upgraded Enhanced Medium Altitude Reconnaissance and Surveillance System aircraft to the US Army.

The Nevada-based defense contractor installed its Mission Enhancement Kit on the Hawker Beechcraft King Air 350 aircraft, enhancing its engine performance and reducing weight and sound signature.

The modifications will allow the aircraft to carry more fuel, increasing its flight time. The upgraded aircraft will also be able to take off from shorter runways, enabling it to operate in more environments.

Tracks Ground-Based Targets

Operating since 2016, the aircraft is fitted with cameras, software, antennas, intelligence databases, and electronic equipment to detect, identify and track ground-based enemy movements.

Its open architecture allows the integration of a range of sensors and software depending upon mission requirements. 

“SNC’s Mission Enhancement Kit is truly game-changing technology,” executive vice president of SNC’s Mission Solutions and Technologies Tim Owings said.

“It provides increased safety and enhanced performance and mission capabilities critical to aircraft operating in high-altitude areas.”

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