SRC Developing Artillery-Delivered Electronic Warfare Jammers

The US Army has chosen Syracuse-based technology firm SRC to provide electronic warfare (EW) spoofers and jammers delivered by field artillery in contested environments.

The company currently has the Silent Impact system, which uses a 155-millimeter artillery shell as a delivery mechanism, extending navigation and EW capabilities deep into contested territory.

The system employs a parachute to stay in the air for an extended period to provide advanced cyber intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities.

SRC’s new artillery-delivered system will reportedly penetrate enemy formations, providing troops with heightened intelligence to observe adversaries, make vital decisions, and carry out mission plans.

Testing of the artillery-delivered capability is expected to be conducted by the end of this year. SRC says that the new technology could “hit the battlefield” in three to four years.

Additional EW Investments

According to American aerospace firm Lockheed Martin, EW represents the ability to use the electromagnetic spectrum with radio, infrared, or radar signals to sense, communicate, and protect military assets from adversaries. It can also be used to deny enemy forces the ability to disrupt or use signals.

With the critical role of EW on today’s battlefield, the US continues to invest in its capabilities. Last month, the US Navy awarded $250 million to five defense firms to develop EW threat simulation and radar systems.

The contract covers the development of instrumentation to train naval aviation personnel in “network-centric warfare and battlefield scenarios” to enhance the lethality and survivability of troops.

In November last year, the US Air Force also tested its “Angry Kitten” electronic countermeasures training pod on an F-16 aircraft. The test sought to identify improvements needed to convert Angry Kitten from an aggressor pod to a combat pod.

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