USAF Seeks Navigation Solutions for GPS-Denied Environments

The US Air Force has awarded a contract to technology firm Intermap to support the development of advanced navigation solutions for environments where the global positioning system (GPS) is denied.

As the Colorado-based company explained, military operations require precise positioning, navigation, and timing that is only achievable on most platforms through GPS.

However, Intermap pointed out that since many countries have invested in technologies that disrupt GPS signals to hamper the timely decision-making of enemy forces, the US is now exploring approaches for absolute positioning and navigation in challenging environments.

As part of the contract, the tech firm will provide the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) with relevant data, operational experience, applied technology, engineering, and scientific support for the project.

The company said it would utilize its “unique” commercial capabilities and experience to help the service achieve desired results related to alternative navigation methods.

“Under this new prime contract, Intermap will work with AFRL to help them advance the next generation of navigation systems supporting multi-domain operations, long-range precision fires, force protection and maneuver,” Intermap CEO Patrick A. Blott stated.

More Navigation Solutions

In November, the US Air Force began developing a satellite-independent navigation technology for areas where GPS is not available.

Researchers revealed that they plan to use cosmic ray muons instead of GPS signals to navigate mountainous terrain and the high latitudes of the Arctic with limited satellite access.

The US Defense Logistics Agency has also awarded BAE Systems an additional $316 million to supply military-code GPS receiver technology, including common GPS modules for GPS receivers with increased accuracy and anti-jamming capabilities in electronically-contested environments.

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