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US Commits Additional $316M for BAE Anti-Jamming Device

The US Defense Logistics Agency has awarded BAE Systems an additional $316 million to supply military-code GPS receiver technology to be used by the US military.

According to the company, the contract covers supply of common GPS modules for military GPS receivers with increased accuracy and anti-jamming capabilities in electronically-contested environments.

BAE Systems’ business development director Frank Zane explained that the technology will ensure proper positioning, navigation, and timing during critical operations. He also noted that the company is “ready to meet this need today with secure, reliable M-Code GPS solutions” to stay ahead of potential threats.

The GPS technology will be integrated into US military and allied ground and airborne systems. Delivery is expected to be complete by 2030.

Earlier this year, BAE Systems secured a contract for $325 million to provide the modules. The latest addition to the contract brings the total value to $640 million.

Anti-Jamming Capability

The EurAsian Times explained in a recent report that anti-jamming technologies play an important role for the military because they shield GPS receivers against intentional jamming and interference by enemy forces.

The report also noted that anti-jamming devices protect GPS signals, which are vulnerable to being overpowered by higher-power radio frequency energy when it reaches the Earth’s surface.

US Space Force General David Thompson claims that US satellites, which enable precise positioning, timing, and communications for the military, are being attacked “every single day.” He said Russia and China have launched “reversible attacks” such as electronic warfare jamming on US communications systems.

“The threats are really growing and expanding every single day,” he told The Washington Post. “And it’s really an evolution of activity that’s been happening for a long time. We’re really at a point now where there’s a whole host of ways that our space systems can be threatened.”

In response, the US has invested heavily in anti-jamming capabilities. In October, the US Space Force contracted Lockheed Martin to supply next-generation GPS III satellites, which provide improved accuracy, anti-jamming capability, and resiliency against space-based threats.


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