Saab Launches High-Mast Giraffe 4A AESA Radar 

Swedish defense giant Saab has launched a high-mast solution for its Giraffe 4A active electronically scanned array radar.

The company developed the configuration with Finnish partner Conlog Oyin to overcome physical challenges such as forests and urban surroundings with tall buildings that disrupt the radar’s line of sight.

“The unique combination of the system’s mobility, and the high-mast, gives the operators supreme capability and creates time to act,” Vice President and Head of Radar Solutions at Saab Markus Borgljung said.

 Giraffe 4A
The Giraffe 4A active electronically scanned array radar. Image: Saab

Giraffe 4A 

The radar comes with both mobile and stationary configurations and can be remotely and locally controlled. It can be used for air surveillance and ground-based air defense. The Giraffe also helps locate ground-based weapon systems by quickly calculating the fire’s point of origin and point of impact, enabling a counter-response.

According to the company, the Giraffe 4A provides “all-weather coverage against air targets from low, slow and small targets {drones}, to fast moving fighters and supersonic missiles.”

The system provides fast, highly accurate monitoring “with a target revisit time of one second combined with 360° monitoring of the air volume.” 

The system also provides the operator with the option of focusing on a particular sector, enabling “an even longer detection range or an optimization to handle very fast targets (scanning rate up to 8 Hertz).”


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