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Lockheed Ready to Supply India With New-Age Military Solutions

Lockheed Martin is ready and willing to collaborate with various Indian defense firms in addressing the country’s requirements for new-age military solutions, according to the company’s vice president for India operations William Blair.

The American aerospace corporation wants to help the Asian nation upgrade its arsenal on land, at sea, in space, and in the cyber realm. It even said that it is willing to partner in producing unmanned platforms and artificial intelligence for the Indian armed forces.

Among Lockheed’s pitches for India’s new-age military solutions was a specially configured F-21 aircraft to meet the air force’s needs. Blair explained that Lockheed would focus on the “highest level of indigenization” for the warplane.

The company is also looking to build a production facility in India to manufacture high-powered military weapons and equipment faster and more efficiently.

“I can’t talk about any specifics right now but, of course, we would like to meet whatever the upcoming requirements are,” Blair remarked, as quoted by The Economic Times.

‘Integrating Existing Systems’

Indian defense officials have reportedly been focusing on acquiring next-generation drones and robotics to bolster the overall combat capabilities of the military, especially as the country continues to face security challenges along its borders with China and Pakistan.

Lockheed said it is “well placed” to help India boost its defense capabilities by integrating existing systems and platforms with new generation applications. Because of this, Blair believes that India can “leapfrog going forward” in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, quantum computing, cyber, and space.

He also stated that Lockheed has established an excellent reputation and strong foundation in India, allowing it to continue to support the country in sustaining existing military platforms.


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