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India to Procure Drone ‘Swarms,’ Anti-Drone Systems

The Indian military is expected to acquire at least 100 new drones and, in a separate deal, anti-drone systems.

NDTV reported that the Indian Army has signed a deal to buy “swarms” of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), reportedly at least 100. Delivery is expected in two installments of 50 units each.

According to the outlet, sources say that a Bangalore-based defense firm will produce the UAVs.

Few details about the drones have been released, except that they can fire at targets up to 25 km (15.5 mi) away and also be used for the delivery of medical supplies.

These UAVs also reportedly have the capability to eliminate enemy tanks and armored vehicles.

New Anti-Drone Systems

Aside from the acquisition of new drones, India also plans to enhance its defense against unmanned aerial attacks by anti-drone systems developed in part by the Defence Research and Development Organisation.

The military forces of India — army, navy, and air force — have signed a contract with Navratna Defence PSU Bharat Limited for the first domestically-made naval anti-drone system with both “hard kill” and “soft kill” capabilities.

The contracts were signed in New Delhi on August 31.

This new anti-drone system will be able to detect the presence of drones and use a laser-based weapon to eliminate targets.

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