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India Signs Contract With Bharat for Naval Anti-Drone System

The Indian Navy signed a contract with state-owned defense firm Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) to supply the country’s first domestically-made naval anti-drone system (NADS).

Having both “hard kill” and “soft kill” capabilities, the system will counter fast-emerging aerial threats such as the small drones used to target the Jammu Air Force Station more than two months ago.

The homegrown NADS developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation will also provide the armed forces of India with the capability to detect, intercept, and destroy aerial vehicles.

According to the country’s Ministry of Defence, the counter-drone technology will use a laser-based kill mechanism to neutralize targets. “It will be an effective all-encompassing counter to the increased drone threat to strategic naval installations,” the statement said.

As part of the ongoing modernization of the Indian armed forces, BEL will sign similar contracts to supply anti-drone systems to the army and air force.

Anti-drone system
India’s anti-drone system. Photo: Indian Ministry of Defence

About the Anti-Drone System

The Indian armed forces first deployed the anti-drone system to provide security cover during the Republic Day Parade 2020, the visit of US President Donald Trump to Motera Stadium last year, and the prime minister’s Independence Day address to the nation this year.

In addition to using a laser-based kill mechanism, the system utilizes electro-optical sensors and radiofrequency detectors to detect and jam micro-drones from 150 meters (0.09 miles) to one kilometer (0.6 miles) away. The system is also integrated through a command post.

The ministry said both static and mobile versions of NADS will be supplied to the Indian Navy shortly after the official signing of the contract.

Earlier this year, the Indian Air Force issued a request for information for 10 locally manufactured counter-unmanned aircraft systems with laser-based directed energy weapons to secure the service’s air bases.

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