Russia to Exhibit New Weapon Systems at Army 2021 Forum

Several Russian defense and aerospace firms will display more than 50 new weapon systems at the Army 2021 international military-technical forum on August 22-28 in Moscow.

According to Rostec Deputy CEO Dmitry Lelikov, the company will feature its new Su-57E, the export version of the country’s Su-57 fifth-generation fighter aircraft. It will also showcase an export version of the Penitsillin automated reconnaissance system, which combines thermal and acoustic reconnaissance to locate enemy firing positions accurately.

Furthermore, Lelikov revealed that the defense firm will demonstrate a new reconnaissance and command module capable of directing the fire of combat vehicles.

In addition to these weapon systems, a Kalashnikov PPK-20 machine gun with a shortened barrel and an AK-12 SP assault rifle designed for special operations forces will be unveiled.

“Overall, we will demonstrate more than 1,000 exhibits, including 50 of our latest systems,” Lelikov said at a briefing for foreign military representatives.

Unveiling New Munitions and Drones

Rostec announced that it would exhibit its new anti-tank missiles capable of piercing 110-centimeter armor plates behind reactive armor. They can hit targets up to 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) away.

The company revealed that it would be displaying its latest innovations in unmanned aerial vehicles separately. One such innovation is its BAS-200 rotary-wing drone, which has a takeoff weight of up to 200 kilograms (440 pounds). It can perform various missions, including terrain monitoring, search and rescue, and cargo delivery.

The BAS-200 can carry 50 kilograms of payload, respectively
Photo: Russian Helicopters

Russia’s latest Ilyushin Il-112V military transport plane will also be unveiled to guests during the event. The aircraft can carry up to 5 tons (4,535 kilograms) of cargo and is designed to transport personnel and military hardware.

Army 2021 Military-Technical Forum

The Army International Military-Technical Forum is an annual event organized by Russia’s Defense Ministry for the exhibition and demonstration of military equipment. Approximately 35 delegations from around the world are expected to take part in this year’s iteration.

One of the new activities to be featured during the event is the robotics competition. It will showcase military robots designed for combat operations, reconnaissance, mine clearing, extinguishing fires, and operating in hazardous environments.

At the close of the forum, Russia’s state arms exporter Rosoboronexport will hold more than 70 negotiations with foreign partners in the hope of signing at least 10 contracts.

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