Raytheon Teams With 7 Aerospace Firms for US Army Ground Station

Multinational defense conglomerate Raytheon Technologies is teaming with seven aerospace and data analytics companies to develop a new ground station for the US Army.

The army has chosen Raytheon to design a new mobile ground station capable of fusing and analyzing data from satellites, aerial, and terrestrial sensors in a contract worth $8.5 million.

Raytheon and its partners have been given 12 months to complete development of the ground station prototype. The army is requiring multiple test and evaluation phases before deciding if it will procure the system for operational use.

Meanwhile, the army said the new ground station will support soldiers and analysts in handling large volumes of sensor data. It can also serve as a consolidated platform that provides access to surveillance drones and other sensors in the field.

Other US Armed Forces Projects 

Earlier this month, Raytheon announced that it has been contracted to provide logistics and repair services worth $495 million for all US Marines ground equipment over a period of five years. The agreement includes delivery of 10,000 repaired parts per year to sustain armored vehicles, ground radar, and communications systems.

“We provide logistics support for deployed systems around the globe,” Raytheon Vice President Bob Williams said. “Our job is to ensure no mission is ever delayed because of a needed repair or missing part.”

Raytheon also revealed that it will provide signals intelligence field services for the US Air Force through a five-year contract valued at up to $175 million. The company will support seven intelligence applications the Air Force uses to collect and correlate data.

“Under the contract, [Raytheon] will leverage its mission domain knowledge to provide high mission availability in support of end-to-end operations – from creating a mission plan for an airborne sensor to receiving data, processing that data, and then either producing a report, storing it, or enhancing it by fusing it with other data,” the press release stated.


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