British Army Tests New Mobile Directed-Energy Weapon

The British Army has tested a new directed-energy weapon that employs advanced radio frequency technology to interfere with electronic circuits.

Part of Project Ealing, the truck-mounted system is designed to provide a strategic countermeasure against growing drone threats.

It can accurately detect, track, and engage various targets across multiple domains.

According to a social media post by journalist Gabriele Molinelli, the directed-energy weapon features a more compact design compared to initial concepts.

It can now be carried on a smaller HX60 truck rather than an HX77, increasing its deployability and maneuverability.

The technology was previously showcased with the 7th Air Defence Group at Thorney Island in southeastern England.


‘Radio Frequency Cannon’

The recently tested directed-energy weapon is similar in concept to Epirus’ Leonidas system that can also be integrated with sensors for improved precision.

They both have a non-lethal approach in addressing threats, meaning they fry the electronics of hostile drones without causing permanent damage.

Thanks to commercially available components, the weapon can reportedly adjust to broader frequencies to deal with threats simultaneously.

According to program manager Matt Cork, the “radio frequency cannon” could soon be used to protect strategic locations or moving convoys.

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