DC Company to Provide Automated Testing for USAF Mission Applications

Software developer Rebellion Defense has received a contract to deliver automated testing of web applications operated by the US Air Force.

The project will provide the continuous evaluation of mission applications hosted by the Air Force Cloud One platform, an enterprise-level ecosystem that serves as a “one-stop shop” of cloud-based services for warfighters.

It offers data hosting, migration, management, support, backup and recovery, monitoring, access configuration, and cybersecurity integration for both leaders and personnel.

Under the agreement, the DC-based firm will utilize its Nova software product to monitor security insights during software development processes to ensure cyber resilience at the start of an application’s lifecycle.

Results gathered through the solution will be applied to modify metrics on application production and maintain the cyber readiness of covered assets.

Providing ‘Key’ Cyber Capabilities

According to Rebellion, the contract supports the US Department of Defense’s transition from traditional “point-in-time” security checks with limited insight to modernized cybersecurity practices.

This approach ensures the operability of software technology used throughout military commands as their functionalities evolve.

In addition, continuous on-demand testing will grant Cloud One users ready access across the latest compliance and security insights according to Authorization to Operate requirements.

Rebellion will work with Maryland industry partner Clarity Innovations on additional tasks to sustain full-cycle application security stipulated by the contract.

“Cloud One is a leader in enabling the US Department of Defense with commercial enterprise cloud offerings to deliver modern capabilities to the Air Force,” Rebellion Defense CEO Ben FitzGerald stated.

“We’re excited for Nova to play a key part in securing their applications to protect our warfighters’ missions.”

Recent DoD Cyber Contracts

The US government signed a contract with Texas company KBR in March to deliver cybersecurity support for the Defense Health Agency.

In September 2023, the US Air Force tapped another Texas firm to extend cybersecurity support for the agency’s weapon systems and critical capabilities.

Sixth months earlier, the US Army awarded startup cyber companies to supply “highly mobile” defensive cyberspace solutions for international garrison networks and information technology enterprise solutions.

In February 2023, IronNet secured a contract to provide artificial intelligence-powered solutions to detect and counter cyber threats for the US Navy.

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