Axellio to Provide ‘Highly Mobile’ Cybersecurity Solution for US Army

Network intelligence firm Axellio has received a $39.5-million contract to provide a “highly mobile” defensive cyberspace solution for international US Army garrison networks.

The agreement supports the army’s Garrison Defensive Cyberspace Operations Platform (GDP) and is the fourth cybersecurity contract signed with the firm.

GDP provides network-wide security over cyberspace, information, data, and related assets.

“We have had great success with the GDP program since its inception, and it is critical that we expand it to our locations around the world,” US Army Cyber Platforms and Systems Manager Lt. Col. Bradley Son stated.

“Given the relentless cyberattacks against our forces on a daily basis, the expansion of this program is essential. The GDP enables us to stay a step ahead of cyber threats and keep our forces safe.”

Axellio’s PacketXpress Platform

For the contract, Axellio will work with digital solutions provider World Wide Technology (WWT) and Red Hat.

The team has previously produced GDP versions leveraging Axellio’s proprietary PacketXpress Network Intelligence Platform, a modular and scalable framework enhancing the efficiency, accuracy, and performance of cybersecurity missions.

“Axellio’s PacketXpress solution provides the key capability of high-speed collection, retention, and distribution, allowing exceptional threat identification rates,” Axellio CEO Scott Aken explained.

“We are excited… to integrate and deliver this modern solution to the US Army, allowing service members to spend more time hunting adversaries and less time keeping systems running,” WWT Federal Chief Technology Advisor Vimesh Patel stated.

“By combining the power of our leading open source solutions… we are able to better support government and military entities in addressing cybersecurity risks more proactively and effectively,” Red Hat North America Vice President Chris Gray added.

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