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Australia to Send Additional Funds for Ukrainian Defense Against Russia

The Australian government has pledged additional military aid to support Ukraine ahead of the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion.

The grant, valued at 50 million Australian dollars ($33 million), will be sent to the International Fund for Ukraine, a British-led multinational initiative to maintain Kyiv’s military capabilities.

Donations through the effort will used to supply lethal and non-lethal assets.

Including the latest tranche, Canberra’s overall support for Ukraine now totals 960 million Australian dollars ($632.2 million), from which about 780 million Australian dollars ($513.7 million) has been spent on the armed forces.

“Almost two years on from Russia’s illegal and immoral invasion, Australia continues to stand with Ukraine and our international partners in providing meaningful support to enable Ukraine to end this war on its own terms,” Australian Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles stated.

“This contribution to the International Fund for Ukraine will help Ukraine procure the equipment it needs as a priority, delivering real-time effects on the battlefield.”

Australia sending M113AS4 Armoured Personnel Carriers to Ukraine
Australia sending M113AS4 Armoured Personnel Carriers to Ukraine. Photo: Australian Ministry of Defence

Alongside financial and materiel donations, the Australian government wrote that it is continuing its support for Ukraine by any means necessary.

Part of Canberra’s ongoing contributions involve the training of Kyiv’s troops under the expanded military preparation effort Operation Kudu in London.

Moreover, an Australian E-7A Wedgetail early warning aircraft is stationed in Germany to assist in distributing both tactical and humanitarian assistance from international partners to Ukraine.

Supporting Ukrainian Sovereignty

In the latest military aid announcement, Australia reiterated its call on Russia “to immediately withdraw” from Ukraine and on Kyiv’s neighboring country Belarus to cut support for Moscow’s “senseless war.”

“Australia remains steadfast in supporting Ukraine to defend itself against Russia’s illegal and immoral invasion,” Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said.

“We stand with Ukraine in support of its courageous people and also in defence of a fundamental principle – the right of every sovereign nation to be secure in its own borders and to determine its own future.”

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