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New Battery Powers AeroVironment’s Puma 3 AE Drone Up to Three Hours

AeroVironment has approved its new PS2500 battery for use in its Puma 3 AE drone.

The new power source allows for an extended flight time of up to three hours, providing operators “with greater mission flexibility and time on station across land and maritime operations,” the company said.

Customers of the AeroVironment drone now have the option of the standard “smart” battery with two and a half hours of flight time or the company’s new PS2500 with three hours of endurance.

Improved Capacity

The battery pack’s high-energy-density lithium-ion composition has an improved capacity of 24.5Ah (amp-hours) but with the size and form to be easily integrated into the Puma 3 AE’s battery bay. It is also interoperable with Puma LE.

“The new PS2500 battery offers both new and current Puma customers the opportunity to dramatically expand the duration of their operations, enabling more ground covered in a single flight,” AeroVironment VP of small unmanned aerial systems Brad Truesdell said.

 “Adding longer endurance capabilities to Puma’s existing flexible launch options and modularity makes it a truly unparalleled asset for various types of operations.”

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