Northrop to Upgrade USAF LITENING Targeting Pod

The US Air Force has tapped Northrop Grumman to upgrade the two-decade-old LITENING targeting pod with the LITENING Large Aperture (LA) pod.

The LA features significant enhancements in electro-optical/infrared sensing and processing capabilities, according to Northrop.

Additional upgrades include greater imaging range due to higher resolution, “faster video processing, greater image stabilization, enhanced pod command and control functions, and continuous roll for uninterrupted imaging during maneuvers.”

Air and ground targeting enhancements enable greater accuracy and tracking under challenging conditions.

LITENING Targeting Pod

A targeting pod allows an aircrew to detect, acquire, identify, and track targets at long ranges, enabling precision targeting, close air support, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, and humanitarian assistance.

“Just as the first LITENING targeting pod transformed close air support more than 20 years ago, LA’s passive targeting capabilities have the potential to change the way pilots approach combat in high-intensity conflicts,” vice president of Northrop electronic warfare and targeting James Conroy said

“We are widening the aperture on how electro-optical/infrared targeting can contribute to mission success, with a more advanced and powerful pod.”

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