Ukraine Equips Military Dogs With Radiation Detection Tech

The Ukrainian military has equipped its well-trained canines with cutting-edge radiation detection technology to ensure safe operations of soldiers.

The device, created by England-based firm Kromek, is strapped around a dog’s body and can be linked to the mobile devices of handlers.

If the dog gets too close to a contaminated area, the detector will immediately send an alarm to operators, who will be about 100 feet (30 meters) away.

The radiation detection tech can help military commanders decide whether or not it is safe for troops to proceed to a specific area and carry out their missions.

Apart from detecting the presence of radiation, the tech can reportedly identify the source material, such as plutonium or uranium.

In June 2023, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky claimed that Russia was preparing a radiation leak at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant.

radiation detector
An infographic of how the radiation detector works. Photo: Kromek

Ensuring Dogs’ Safety

Since dogs carrying the detectors will likely be the most exposed in case of the presence of radiation, the Ukrainian military and developer ensured safety measures are in place.

Canines wear special equipment to protect their eyes and paws and reduce the risk of radiation exposure.

The device was also specially made to be triggered by the lowest levels of radiation, so there is enough time to get the dogs out of danger.

Not the First Time

Kromek chief executive Arnab Basu said the tech was previously used in a European Commission initiative, though he did not provide specific details.

The detectors were strapped into the bodies of dogs carrying out mine detection missions.

They do it “so that when these canines are being used by the military to look for mines, they’re also looking for minor traces of radiation,” he said.

Basu further stated that the device allows military handlers to “make very quick decisions as to where and where not to go.”

dog with radiation detector
A Ukrainian soldier carrying a dog with radiation detector. Photo: Kromek

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