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Fortem to Offer Advanced Counter-Drone Solutions to Saudi Arabia

Fortem Technologies has announced its intent to supply advanced counter-unmanned aerial system (C-UAS) solutions to Saudi Arabia.

The American firm specializing in drone detection and neutralization said it is ready to offer its leading C-UAS technology to the Gulf kingdom as well as provide necessary hardware and software support.

To bolster its bid, Fortem disclosed a partnership with Riyadh-based INTRA Defense Technologies to help the Middle Eastern nation effectively track, identify, and defeat potential threats.

The two companies will reportedly leverage their technology and expertise in engineering, manufacturing, and marketing their advanced solutions.

“Saudi Arabia is a strategically important market for Fortem Technologies. With the threat of drones increasing, this partnership will allow both companies to scale the building of new products and solutions and integration of existing technology into evolving C-UAS market offerings,” Fortem stated.

The SkyDome System

Fortem did not mention which specific C-UAS solution it plans to offer to Saudi Arabia.

However, the Utah-based firm manufactures the SkyDome System for monitoring and protecting airspaces day or night and in adverse weather conditions.

The solution features three core components: TrueView sensors, SkyDome command and control software, and DroneHunter interceptors.

With its flexibility and portability, the system can reportedly “protect zones of almost any size” from dangerous drones.

“Large drones are forced into a slow and safe descent, leaving time to evacuate the area below. Small drones are towed to a location you select. Either way, once the drone is caught, it’s not going to cause you trouble again. End of story,” Fortem stated.

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