Rheinmetall to Deliver Fuchs 2 Vehicle Components to Partner Country

German defense company Rheinmetall has secured a contract to supply Fuchs 2 6×6 armored vehicle components for a factory in a partner country.

The award stipulates the delivery of conversion kits and spare parts to fabricate and reconfigure the platform.

The agreement is in the “three-digit million-euro” range. Work for the contract will commence this year and is scheduled for completion by 2028.

According to Rheinmetall, the award serves as a continuation of the firm’s “long-standing strategic partnership” with the undisclosed country.

It also supports the government’s efforts to establish local Fuchs 2 production and export for other customers.

Fuchs Armored Vehicle

Rheinmetall wrote that approximately 1,800 Fuchs have been manufactured for troop transport, mobile command post, field emergency, and reconnaissance applications.

In Berlin, about 900 Fuchs variants have been fielded since 1979, hundreds of which were deployed to Afghanistan and other international operations.

Armored transport vehicle
Armored transport vehicle developed by Rheinmetall. Photo: Rheinmetall
Fertigung des Fahrzeuges “Fuchs” auf dem Werksgelände von Rheinmetall Defence in Kassel. Der “Fuchs” auf dem Aussenfahrgelände des Werkgeländes.

The vehicle’s latest iteration features more internal space, an advanced chassis, a digital electrical system, improved protective capabilities, and a new engine.

The prime features of its standard configuration include an air conditioning system and an overpressure system to mitigate infiltration of nuclear, biological, and chemical or NBC threats.

Users can equip Fuchs 2 with a 7.62-millimeter machine gun, 30-millimeter cannon, and anti-tank missiles.

Rheinmetall’s Recent Projects

The German government sought proposals from industry partners last October to produce a next-generation reconnaissance land vehicle for the army.

Among the program’s expected participants is Rheinmetall and its Fuchs platform.

In July, Rheinmetall announced the construction of an armored vehicle plant in Ukraine “capable of producing 400 tanks” per year.

The company also revealed plans in April to launch a maintenance center in Romania to support military equipment fabrication for Ukraine in its defense against Russia’s illegal invasion.

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