Raytheon to Supply Commander’s Independent Viewer for US Army Bradleys

Raytheon has secured a $154-million contract to deliver Commander’s Independent Viewer (CIV) systems for US Army Bradley infantry fighting vehicles.

The CIV comprises a second-generation forward-looking infrared (FLIR) camera with electro-optical/infrared sight and sensors providing a wide view from mobility platforms during combat.

Its 360-degree capability can be used for targeting and oversight operations across the battlefield.

Work on the CIV production will be performed in McKinney, Texas. The US Army will receive the first tranche in June 2026.

“The CIV is a package of multiple systems all working together to increase the survivability and battlefield performance of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle,” Raytheon Advanced Products President Bryan Rosselli stated.

“These capabilities – early threat detection, 360-degree battlefield view, and all-weather performance – increase a vehicle commander’s ability to locate, identify and defeat stationary and moving targets in any condition – day or night.”

3rd Gen FLIR for Abrams, OMFVs

Raytheon received an award in 2023 to provide the US Army with a similar optical capability.

Under this separate contract, the firm was tasked with delivering third-generation FLIR B-Kit systems for the agency’s Abrams main battle tank and the Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFVs).

Recent US Bradley Upgrades

The US Army awarded BAE Systems a $190-million contract in August 2023 to deliver more than seven Bradley A4s, including infantry and fire support variants.

The same month, Elbit signed a contract to supply gunner hand stations for the fleet.

In January 2023, the army tested a new active protection system incorporating radar, sensors, and lightweight explosive projectile interceptors on the vehicle.

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