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EDGE Group Wins ‘Largest’ Military Robotic Vehicle Order From UAE

Emirati defense conglomerate EDGE Group announced Wednesday that it has won a contract to deliver dozens of robotic vehicles to the UAE military.

Twenty tracked robotic combat vehicles (RCVs) and 40 THeMIS unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) will be handed over to the UAE Ministry of Defence as part of an agreement signed during an unmanned systems expo in Abu Dhabi.

The unmanned platforms will be supplied by EDGE Group’s Estonia-based entity, Milrem Robotics.

According to the company, the contract is the largest combat UGV order made by any country in the world. However, it did not disclose the deal’s total value.

“This initiative is a significant step towards enhancing the Armed Forces’ combat capabilities through the deployment of THeMIS UGVs and tracked RCVs,” EDGE Group stated in a press release.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

The tracked RCVs to be supplied to the UAE military will feature 30-millimeter MK44 cannons for added lethality.

The THeMIS combat units, meanwhile, will be equipped with 30mm M230LF remote weapon stations and indirect fire systems.

They will also boast advanced camera and radar systems to enhance shot detection capabilities.

Furthermore, Milrem Robotics will facilitate comprehensive training of personnel to effectively operate the unmanned platforms.

“Initiating the world’s largest combat robotics program with the UAE Ministry of Defence not only demonstrates the competitive edge of our solutions, but also highlights the strategic value of incorporating advanced robotic systems into force structure, thereby enhancing their combat capabilities and operational efficiency,” EDGE Group concluded.

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