UK FSS Ships to Receive Hybrid Propulsion Systems

The Royal Navy’s Fleet Solid Support (FSS) ships will receive hybrid-electric propulsion technology, improving their fuel efficiency and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

For the project, the consortium building the ships has chosen American energy technology company GE Vernova to supply the systems.

Delivery is expected to begin in 2025, with the second and third wave planned for 2026 and 2027.

Made to supply equipment to ships at sea, the Royal Fleet Auxiliary’s FSS ships are designed to incorporate green technology for low-carbon, sustainable operations.

GE Vernova’s Innovation

GE Vernova will manufacture SeaPulse Active Front-End power converters and Power Take-Off/Power Take-In hybrid electric induction motor generators.

The group will also conduct testing, sea trials, certification, and logistics services to ensure the technology is properly implemented.

GE Vernova UK Power Conversion managing director Andy Cooper explained that their background in naval engineering ensures the success of the new agreement.

“We are confident that our advanced hybrid-electric propulsion technology will enhance the Royal Fleet Auxiliary’s operational efficiency, aligning with the UK’s commitment to sustainability,” he said.

A Greener Fleet

In 2022, the team contributed to fitting the RFA’s Tide-class tankers with energy-efficient propulsion systems.

The company’s Power Conversion group configured the ships’ propulsion power systems to ensure high-performance electric power for its replenishment-at-sea missions, keeping pace with the navy’s combat ships.

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