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Vietnam Air Force Su-22 Fighter Jet Crashes During Exercise

A Vietnam Air Force Su-22 fighter jet crashed during a routine training flight in the Quảng Nam province.

The accident occurred when the pilot lost control of the aircraft, crashing in the streets of the town of Điện Bàn. The impact blew out the plane’s front and back approximately 200 meters (656 feet) away from the crash site.

The pilot was able to move the plane away from residential areas before it landed. He managed to eject safely out of the aircraft.

Damage to private property was reported, and one local resident sustained minor injuries from the debris, but no casualties were announced.

Urgent Support

Both the Vietnam Air Force and the local government of Điện Bàn spoke with locals affected by the accident, enacting a support plan to assist in damage recovery.

Each household received up to four million Vietnamese dong ($163) for the rehabilitation of damaged properties, ranging from houses and barns to crops.

Representatives from the air force assisted an individual that was rushed to a nearby hospital after being hit in the head by plane debris.

A Previous Incident

In 2018, a similar Su-22 jet crashed in the forests of Nghe An province, claiming the lives of its two crew members. The accident occurred amid heavy rains in the region.

The plane crashed in a hilly area 300 kilometers (180 miles) south of Hanoi 19 minutes after it took off.

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