Ukraine Destroys $250M Russian Radar Right After Moscow Announced Deployment: Report

The Ukrainian military destroyed an advanced radar system from Russia right after Moscow announced its deployment.

On Tuesday, the Russian defense ministry revealed that a Yastreb-AV counter-battery radar had been deployed in Ukraine to help detect the trajectory of incoming artillery fire.

Described by local outlets as the most modern radar system in Russia, the asset utilizes a phased array antenna to determine the exact coordinates of enemy artillery positions and assist friendly weapons for counterattacks.

However, on the same day of its deployment, Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces were able to discover the radar and neutralize it with a US-made High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS).

A video circulated online showed the alleged attack on the $250-million military radar.

Other Breakthroughs

In July 2023, the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) reported that a Russian Zoopark radar was destroyed by Ukrainian forces near the area of Russian Ground Forces.

The incident resulted in Moscow only having “a handful” of its Zoopark fleet operational in the war-ravaged nation.

It had also contributed to the worsening shortage of counter-battery radars in Russia, the UK MoD said.

A month later, another rare Russian over-the-horizon radar, Predel-E, was destroyed in the contested Kherson region.

A HIMARS rocket was again credited for the attack with the help of a drone providing aerial reconnaissance.

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