Russia’s Counter-Battery Radar Shortage Worsening: UK Intel

Russian forces are facing a worsening shortage of counter-battery radars in Ukraine, according to the latest UK Ministry of Defence Intelligence update.

The most important among the radars is the Zoopark-1 1L219, which allows commanders to “effectively” detect Ukrainian artillery and strike against it, the update said.

The ground-based system can detect 12 targets simultaneously, including a range of artillery shells and rockets, from a range of up to 40 kilometers (25 miles).

Replacement Difficult Due to Sanctions

According to the UK, Russia is likely left with only a handful of the “originally deployed” Zoopark fleet as it lost another radar near Russia’s 58th Combined Arms Army’s area in southern Ukraine in early July.

In its March 31 update, the UK Ministry of Defence said Russia lost at least six Zooparks.

It added that it would be harder for Moscow than Ukraine to replenish the systems “as they rely on supplies of high-tech electronics which have been disrupted by sanctions.”

Commander Sacked After Highlighting Shortage

The lack of counter-battery systems has been one of the key complaints of Maj. Gen. Ivan Popov, who was sacked after complaining about the shortages his troops were suffering in Ukraine.

“I drew attention to the greatest tragedy of modern war – the lack of artillery reconnaissance and counterstrikes and the multiple deaths and injuries caused by enemy artillery,” Popov said, according to a message circulated on Telegram.

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