Ukraine Destroys Russia’s Rare ‘Predel-E’ Radar System: Report

The Ukrainian military destroyed Russia’s “Predel-E” radar system during an attack in the contested Kherson region.

The over-the-horizon radar was reportedly hit by a US-supplied High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) missile earlier this month.

A drone guided the strike through aerial reconnaissance, transmitting real-time imagery to missile operators.

According to the Ukrainian defense ministry, the attack also destroyed the modern Leyer-2 electronic warfare system shielding the radar.

“Nothing can be hidden from us on our land,” Ukraine’s Southern Defense Forces said on Telegram. “Our soldiers completely destroyed the unique development worth $200 million.”

About the Predel-E

Russia describes the Predel-E system as a mobile coastal radar station with increased stealth.

It was sent to the occupied Kherson Oblast to track Ukraine’s land and sea movements.

Although public information about the radar’s capabilities is limited, Russian propagandists claim the system works using “anomalous propagation of radio waves.”

Its coverage is reportedly up to 400 kilometers (248 miles).

HIMARS: A Game Changer

If the reports are accurate, several Russian military assets have fallen prey to the American air defense system.

Last year, the Ukrainian defense ministry announced that the HIMARS destroyed 50 Russian ammunition depots.

This is despite Washington altering the weapon to prevent Ukraine from firing the long-range projectiles deep into Russian territory.

Ukraine authorities called the HIMARS a “game-changer” on the battlefield and called on its allies to continue sending long-range weapons to counter Moscow’s aggression.

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