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USAF Considers Upgrading Guam Air Base for Singapore F-15s

The US Department of the Air Force (DAF) is considering upgrading the Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, for up to 12 Republic of Singapore Air Force F-15 fighter aircraft.

It is part of a revised base upgrade proposal to include the “requirements of evolving strategic initiatives in the Indo-Pacific,” the DAF stated.

Proposed Upgrades

A public scoping period is being conducted for the revised proposal, including “infrastructure upgrades adjacent to the northwest corner of the airfield and within the munitions storage area at Andersen AFB,” the department added.

An estimated 209 acres would be disturbed due to the upgrade, including airfield pavements, an aircraft hangar, maintenance and utility buildings, fuel systems, fencing and utilities, roadways and parking, stormwater management infrastructure, and earth-covered magazines.  

The upgrade will take place over three to seven years.

Andersen Air Force Base
Andersen Air Force Base on Guam. Photo: US Air Force

Environmental Impact Assessment

An environmental impact statement (EIS) for revised infrastructure upgrades at the base will be conducted after a pause in May 2021. 

“The DAF will conduct cultural and natural resources surveys in the areas proposed for upgrades, and consult with appropriate resource agencies to determine the potential for significant impacts on those resources,” the department explained.

“Additional analysis will be provided in the Draft EIS, which is anticipated mid-2024. The Final EIS and a decision on the Proposed Action are expected in early to mid-2025.”

To Enhance Capabilities in Indo-Pacific

Anderson AFB was picked for enhanced capabilities over five alternate locations within the  Pacific Air Forces area of responsibility. 

“The Proposed Action is needed to enhance DAF capability to support US and partner nation forces within the Indo-Pacific region and strengthen the US’s ability to respond regionally and worldwide, through construction of infrastructure upgrades and increased support of fighter aircraft, in alignment with evolving DAF and DoD strategies and initiatives for the region,” according to the DAF.

“Increasing and improving airfield and munitions infrastructure would address capability gaps and allow for greater efficiencies and agility in the way ground operations are conducted.”

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