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US Army Selects Shift5 to Protect HIMARS Against Cyber Threats

The US Army has entered into an agreement with American firm Shift5 to bolster the cyber resiliency of the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS).

As part of the deal, the Virginia-based company will install tools to allow the combat-proven system to detect digital anomalies, such as intrusions or tampering.

The tools will be able to capture, store, and analyze data in real-time to provide operators with critical operational insights.

Additionally, they will help forecast if some parts of the rocket system are near failure and fixes are needed.

According to Shift5, its data collection platform will offer a “unique solution to address the evolving requirements of the HIMARS fleet.”

Deterring Modern Threats

Developed by Lockheed Martin, the M142 HIMARS is a full-spectrum, all-weather precision strike weapon capable of high-volume destructive, suppressive, and counter-battery fires.

According to the company, it attacks targets while incurring minimum collateral damage.

Its operational speed reaches 94 kilometers (58 miles) per hour with a maximum range of up to 483 kilometers (300 miles).

According to Shift5 co-founder Michael Weigand, the latest contract reflects the importance of equipping the HIMARS with the “best data collection and intrusion detection systems” available today.

As the weapon continues to operate in contested environments and adversaries innovate countermeasures, the rocket system continues to be updated to deter modern threats.

“In order to ensure our military maintains its competitive edge and deters its adversaries, we need to continue putting innovative solutions like this in the hands of our warfighters,” former Commander of US Special Operations Command and Shift5 Board Member Richard Clarke added.

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