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US Army Orders More Next-Gen Thermal Weapon Sights From Leonardo

The US Army will receive more next-generation thermal weapon sights from Leonardo as part of a new $134-million deal.

According to the company, the device provides rapid target acquisition capabilities to soldiers, especially during missions in low-light environments.

It can be connected wirelessly to existing helmet-mounted vision systems, such as the enhanced night vision goggle binoculars and the integrated visual augmentation system (IVAS).

Leonardo senior vice president Jerry Hathaway said the weapon sights operate in challenging conditions such as smoke or fog, providing strategic and tactical advantages to warfighters.

“This cutting-edge technology ensures our soldiers will have the most advanced weapon sight systems on the battlefield today,” he said. “We are proud the US Army recognizes us as a trusted partner to continue to deliver this vital technology.”

Previous Orders

In October last year, the US Army also awarded a $579-million contract to Leonardo for its advanced thermal weapon sights.

The company hailed its long history of supplying the service with electro-optic and infrared technologies to keep soldiers safe and well-equipped.

Eight months later, the Virginia-based firm entered into another agreement, this time for next-generation infrared weapon sights for US Army snipers.

Apart from the US armed forces, Leonardo has also delivered its family of cutting-edge weapon sites to European countries, including Sweden.

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