Leonardo to Produce Next-Gen Infrared Weapon Sights for US Army Snipers

Leonardo DRS has received a contract to provide next-generation infrared weapon sights for US Army snipers.

The $94-million agreement will see the production of tactical sights under the Family of Weapon Sights – Sniper, Improved Night/Day Observation Device Block III.

The advanced infrared weapon capability is built for sniper and reconnaissance operators requiring extended range target detection.

It enables effective threat identification, environmental indicator observation, and bullet trajectory tracking.

Furthermore, the device offers passive, mid-wave infrared technology to project large-format imagery.

Work will run over five years.

Securing Most Advanced Systems for Warfighters

The production of Family of Weapon Sights-Sniper will leverage Leonardo’s experience in micro-cooled infrared weapons.

“We are proud to provide this technology to ensure soldiers have the most advanced systems available,” Leonardo DRS Electro-Optical Infrared Systems SVP and General Manager Jerry Hathaway stated.

“We have a long history of supplying the Army with advanced electro-optic and infrared technologies, and this award highlights our customer trust in our market-leading Family of Weapon Sights.”

Leonardo Thermal Sights in Sweden

Last year, Leonardo was contracted to deliver a similar weapon capability for the Swedish Ministry of Defence.

The $50-million award ordered over 4,600 thermal weapon sights, including the Individual Weapon Sight and its long-range variant.

The sights will be used to enhance the lethality and survivability of Swedish soldiers during combat missions once deployed.

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