Leonardo to Supply Advanced Thermal Weapon Sights to Sweden

The Swedish Ministry of Defence has awarded a $50-million contract to Leonardo DRS to manufacture and deliver advanced thermal weapon sights.

More than 4,600 thermal weapon sights, including the Individual Weapon Sight and its long-range variant, will be sent to Sweden to support combat missions.

According to the US-based firm, its electro-optical infrared (EOIR) systems unit had already delivered over 1,100 weapons sights to the European nation within 30 days of contract receipt.

“We are proud that this important US ally continues to recognize the strength and commitment we put behind our industry-leading EOIR products from demonstration and testing to rapid delivery,” company official Jerry Hathaway said in a press release.

Work for the remainder of the contract will be performed at Leonardo facilities in Florida and Texas.

Increased Protection

Leonardo’s thermal weapon sight significantly increases the survivability and lethality of soldiers on dangerous missions.

It allows users to see through smoke or fog to acquire targets, in daylight or at night.

According to the company, the Individual Weapon Sight can be mounted on small arms, shoulder-fired weapons, and light machine guns, while the long-range variant can be integrated into sniper rifles and heavy machine guns.

“This contract represents the start of a relationship in providing our thermal weapon sights to the Swedish Ministry of Defence to increase protection and effectiveness of their dismounted forces,” Hathaway explained.

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