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Anschütz Announces Naval Radar for Australia’s Anzac-Class Frigates

Marine systems company Anschütz will equip eight Australian Anzac-class frigates and land-based facilities with updated naval navigation radars.

The systems will combine transceivers from defense company Terma with Anschütz’s Naval Radar NX software.

Anschütz will also supply the Royal Australian Navy with customized development and integration for its systems, documentation, and training.

The upgrade comes during Australia’s efforts to modernize its frigates with updated defensive and offensive capabilities.

For Better Navigation

The Naval Radar NX application provides advanced target tracking and management of both navigational and tactical targets.

Its multi-purpose abilities come from its tactical features, which include alarm zone monitoring, formation management, helicopter guidance, and video merge.

“Our customers are impressed by the benefits our naval radars offer in terms of performance and tactical functions,” Anschütz Anzac Naval Radar Programme Lead System Engineer Michael DePlonty said.

“We are pleased to have established a trusted and successful relationship with our Australian partners and the Royal Australian Navy with the successful setting-to-work.”

The system’s updated construction utilizes patented clutter suppression and filtering technology, transforming the Anzac frigates’ classic radars into a more situationally-aware navigation tool.

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