Germany’s $1.5B Encrypted Army Radio Program Faces Two-Year Delay

Germany’s plan to integrate new digital encrypted radios into its military vehicles will face a two-year delay due to complexities in the deployment process, a defense ministry official has revealed.

Michael Vetter, the head of the information technology department within the Federal Ministry of Defence, said in an interview with online outlet Table.Media the communications system will be retrofitted in 2027 instead of the original plan of 2025.

Without mentioning specifics, he stated that the department is experiencing several challenges in fitting the vehicles with the new system, especially since a large number of them were sent to Ukraine.

Berlin’s move to field modern tactical radios is part of the country’s push to modernize its armed forces amid the increasing threats in Europe.

In the past, German troops only borrowed encrypted radios from allied forces to effectively participate in joint operations.

20,000 Encrypted Radios

In December last year, the German parliament approved a 1.4-billion-euro ($1.5 billion) budget to purchase 20,000 encrypted radios.

Munich-based electronics firm Rohde & Schwarz was selected to deliver the digital communications systems.

Berlin will also have an option to procure another 14,000 radios for 1.5 billion euros ($1.6 billion).

The radios are expected to have a life cycle cost of 2.2 billion euros ($2.3 billion) for the next 20 years, Reuters wrote.

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