US Space Force Taps Xage Security to Strengthen Cyber Defense 

Xage Security will strengthen the US Space Force’s cyber defenses through zero trust access control and data protection.

Zero trust is a Department of Defense cybersecurity strategy that requires continuous validation of users and devices for data protection.

Identity-Based Security

Xage will deploy its identity-based Xage Fabric across the force’s ground and space architectures, including satellites and other ground and space-based commercial assets.

Unlike cybersecurity approaches that address a problem when it occurs, an identity-based cybersecurity approach focuses on secure access.

“We have this identity-first approach where we make sure if you are touching anything, we know who you are — and we know who you are really well,” Defense Scoop quoted Xage Security CEO Geoffrey Mattson as saying.

“We make sure you’re a privileged user, we verify your level of privilege, we strictly control what you can do and monitor what you can do right now.”

$17-Million Contract 

The $17-million contract comes as the US Space Force is expanding its collaboration with commercial space firms, increasing the risk of cyber attacks.

“Both of these things require that they have a solution where they’re able to secure this entire chain, from the satellite to the base station to the network to the data itself,” Mattson explained. 

The contract includes three priority initiatives: cyber strengthening of terrestrial-based systems such as ground stations and modems, zero trust capabilities across next-generation ground and space systems, and secure data exchange.

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