US Army Taps BAE to Provide Jam-Resistant Navigation Tech

BAE Systems has clinched a $318-million contract to provide military (M)-code embedded computer cards to the US Army for secure navigation.

The company will provide GPS cards for mounted and dismounted assured position, navigation, and timing (PNT) systems.

More Secure Navigation Tech

The assured PNT systems are meant to provide a more secure and available source of PNT for mounted and dismounted soldiers in contested environments.

They provide “enhanced anti-jamming and anti-spoofing protections through the use of an M-code capable receiver and sensor fusion combining input from alternate sensor sources to reduce reliance on GPS,” the US Army explained.

“It distributes PNT data to multiple systems directly and via the network under all conditions including when GPS is limited or denied.”

Mounted, Dismounted Navigation Systems

A range of armored vehicles will be fitted with the mounted assured positioning, navigation, and timing system (MAPS), including the Abrams, Bradley, and Paladin. 

It will be installed on lighter vehicles as well, such as the Stryker, JLTV, and HMMW.

The dismounted assured positioning, navigation, and timing system (DAPS) is part of the Nett Warrior (NW) system worn by the soldier.

It comprises an M-code receiver and NW conformal wearable battery for power and non-GPS augmentation for positioning and navigation integrity.

Five-Year M-Code Contract

The sole source five-year contract provides Project Manager positioning, navigation, and timing (PM PNT) direct access to the supply source for its MAPS and DAPS systems.

Earlier, PM PNT had been sourcing the cards through various external contracts entailing “passthrough costs and reduced buying power.”

“Because BAE Systems’ M-Code cards are currently the only tested and validated hardware compatible with MAPS and DAPS, it made sense to partner with them on this IDIQ contract,” Project Manager PNT Michael Trzeciak said

“The contract facilitates procurement of multiple variants of the M-code card – meeting end system compatibility requirements for Mounted and Dismounted APNT solutions now and into the future.”

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