Leonardo Completes NH90 Helicopter Order for Italian Navy

The Italian Navy has received its final NH90 military helicopter from Leonardo under a contract signed in June 2000.

The order’s first delivery was made in 2011. Including the latest aircraft, Italy now operates 56 NH90 helicopters. 

The fleet comprises 46 of the NH90’s SH-90A NATO frigate/anti-surface warfare variant and 10 of the MH-90A tactical transport variant.

The last SH-90A helicopter was fabricated at Leonardo’s facility in Venice Tessera and will be deployed to the navy’s Maristaeli Luni Base in Sarzana, Liguria.

Before the final NH90 arrival, Italy’s first aircraft were operational for local and overseas missions, accumulating more than 35,000 flight hours since induction.

“The completion of the NH90 deliveries and the handover of this one-of-a-kind simulation environment marks a major step forward, which further reinforces our long-established partnership with the Italian Navy,” Leonardo Helicopters Managing Director Gian Piero Cutillo stated.

“We now look forward to continuing this collaboration with the Italian Navy towards new important goals and capability enhancement to meet evolving requirements.” 

Sarzana Helicopter Training Center

The delivery’s completion coincided with Sarzana’s Full Crew Simulation Training Center.

The site offers a dedicated full-flight simulator with the latest avionics standards according to the Italian Navy’s requirements, Leonardo noted.

This environment has options to train both SH-90 and MH-90 aircrews with “the highest level of fidelity and accuracy” as it operates simulation hours equivalent to actual flight hours.

Flight simulator at the Full Crew Simulation Training Center in Maristaeli Luni Base. Photo: Leonardo
Flight simulator at the Full Crew Simulation Training Center in Maristaeli Luni Base. Photo: Leonardo

Combining the hub’s capability with the NH90 fleet will equip navy pilots and personnel with the necessary safety, effectiveness, and efficiency, providing them with elevated experience to prepare for real-world scenarios.

Future operations at the center will include additional training services for NH90 aircrews of partner countries.

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