Forescout to Support Employment of Zero Trust Network for US DoD

The US Defense Information System Agency (DISA) has awarded cyber solutions firm Forescout a contract to enforce zero trust policy access across the US Department of Defense Information Network (DoDIN) enterprise.

Zero trust policy is a strict security measure that does not automatically grant authentication to users and devices connecting to a certain cyberinfrastructure, regardless of their physical or network locations.

The agreement will configure capabilities delivered through the first three stages of DISA’s Comply-to-Connect (C2C) program seeking an efficient “comprehensive cybersecurity framework” for existing and future DoD operational environments.

Once completed, the program will address most requirements identified under the federal agency’s Zero Trust Strategy.

“We are proud to once again be trusted by so many organizations to secure the backbone of their operations: the networks that connect everything,” Forescout CEO Barry Mainz stated.

“Each DoDIN user should have confidence that their slice of the network is secure and ready for them to accomplish their mission. That’s what we are delivering through C2C.”

Supporting the Zero Trust Journey

The new contract will also supply additional capabilities to the C2C platform, upgrading the security of the DoD’s operational technology networks that integrate risk management and decision-making into the current platform.

The cyber revamp will also allow the agency to apply the Zero Trust Architecture defined by the US Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology.

“We look forward to introducing cloud-based advanced threat analysis tools into the C2C program’s portfolio of capabilities and adding further value on DoD’s zero trust journey,” Mainz added.

“We’ve really just begun to unleash the power of our platform within the DoD. The best is still ahead.”

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