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QinetiQ Unveils ‘Jackdaw’ Disposable Drone

British tech firm QinetiQ has introduced a new, low-cost “disposable” uncrewed aerial system (UAS) named Jackdaw.

Developed in collaboration with industry partners, the drone operates seamlessly with other aerial platforms, enabling easier management from a central operations center.

Its ability to team with both manned and unmanned systems also enhances mission effectiveness and reduces direct risk to human lives.

But the best feature of the Jackdaw, according to QinetiQ, is that it is a disposable UAS for air, maritime, and land domain applications.

“Its low-cost disposable characteristics enhance operational flexibility by providing commanders with the option to sacrifice assets when needed,” the company said in a press release.

According to QinetiQ official Mick Andrae, the Jackdaw leverages the company’s expertise in developing high-performance drones, such as the next-generation Banshee aerial target.

Potential Applications

QinetiQ claims that the Jackdaw can travel at a maximum speed of 400 knots (740 kilometers/460 miles per hour) and has a flight endurance of more than three hours.

It can be used to support intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions for improved situational awareness.

The drone can also be configured to take part in electronic warfare and jam enemy assets from the sky.

Additionally, the Jackdaw can help in military training by becoming a complex threat representation, providing realistic swarming threats.

The disposable UAS will be available on the market from the mid-2020s.

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