Saab Unveils New Camouflage System, Naval Operator Workspace Concept

Swedish defense firm Saab has unveiled a naval operator workspace concept and a new feature for its Barracuda Ultra-lightweight Camouflage Screen (ULCAS) for military use.

Expected to be displayed at the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) 2023 expo in London, the workspace concept features advanced software for human-machine interaction and battlespace management.

It is a solution to the growing need for a system that can quickly organize, analyze, and act on a deluge of military data created by the modern battlefield.

According to Saab, the workspace also has a combat console that optimizes operators’ ability to process complex decisions in an instant.

It is designed to reduce operator mental load and fatigue, enabling improved reaction times and saving valuable seconds in critical situations.

“The innovation and technology employed in the platform enables an increased tactical advantage under even the most extreme conditions and, when combined with Saab’s combat management system, the platform significantly enhances operator effectiveness and survivability for naval operators,” company official Johan Hägg said.

Future Operator Workspace
Future Operator Workspace. Photo: Saab

New Camouflage System

Earlier this month, Saab unveiled a new feature of its Barracuda ULCAS that gives operators increased protection while communicating with friendly forces.

It allows selected frequencies to easily pass through a “camouflage net,” hiding the operator from radar sensors.

The company said its new Barracuda ULCAS represents a “significant advancement” in modern signature management technology.

“Thanks to our expertise within signature management, we are taking camouflage to the next level with this novel feature,” Saab official Henning Robach said.

He added that the system “changes how soldiers communicate while keeping multispectral protection, and so introduces a new era of tactical communication flexibility.”

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